Meet Our Directors

Owners, Directors, and Key Staff

Ross & Susan Moskowitz – Owner/Director

Ross Moskowitz is proud to continue the legacy set forth by his parents. Ross started his Westmont career in 1981 in bunk Apache and never looked back.

After graduating from the University of Maryland where he played Division 1 Baseball for the Terps, Ross attended law school and became an attorney. With Westmont always on his mind and camping in his heart, he jumped at the opportunity to become the Camp’s Director.

Moving forward it is Ross’ vision to lead a new generation of Westmont campers and show them why Camp Westmont truly is “Camping at Its Best.” Ross is also the President of the Wayne County Camping Association.  Ross is joined at Westmont with his wife Susan (who is also an attorney) and his children Emilly and Andrew.

Fred & Minna Moskowitz – Owners

Minna and Fred Moskowitz opened Camp Westmont for the 1981 camp season. They were both educators with the New York City Board of Education. Fred was the Dean of Grady High School, as well as a varsity high school coach for basketball and tennis. Minna worked for over 25 years as a Speech Pathologist and Language Coordinator. These qualifications and their experience have proven invaluable throughout the years at Camp Westmont.

Possessing 40 years of camping experience, Minna and Fred continue to strive to bring campers the most innovative programming and activities possible.

Scott Freemer – Assistant Director

Scott started at sleep-away camp at age 7 and has been involved in sleep-away camps since.  He joined Camp Westmont in 2006 and has held various roles throughout camp from a Program Specialist, General Counselor to an Assistant Group Leader and most recently a Group Leader.  Wanting to give even more of himself to Westmont, in 2014 he stepped into the role of Operations Manager where he is involved in Staff hiring, Programming, Social Media and much much more. His dedication to camping goes beyond Westmont as he is an active member of EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping) and is now a camp visitor/inspector for the American Camping Association.

Scott believes the most rewarding part of Camp Westmont is being able to help shape the lives of our campers.

Halley Manyin – Girls Head Counselor

meet_our_directors_4Halley Manyin began her sleep-away camp experience at the age of 5. She insisted on tagging along with her two older sisters, and her mother reluctantly agreed. From that moment on Halley was a true camper. Her 8 years at sleep- away as a camper are forever imbedded in her heart. The last four years of those summers (1981-1984) were spent at Camp Westmont and were some of the greatest summers of her life.

In 2009, Halley had the opportunity to return to Camp Westmont. Seeing the traditions that have lasted all these years and watching her children fall in love with camp was truly an amazing experience for her.

Halley has a degree in Elementary Education from University of Maryland and a Master’s degree in Reading from NYU. Halley has been a teacher in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District on Long Island for the past 20 years. She has also worked at day camps on the south shore of Long Island as a counselor, group leader, and director of a junior tennis program. Halley, her husband Jeff, and two children live in Oceanside, New York. They look forward to many more rewarding years with their Westmont family.

Jason Elias – Boys Head Counselor

meet_our_directors_3Since 1983, Camp Westmont and the Elias family have been inextricably linked. Jason and his siblings bunked for many years across the lake as their mom took the lead in the infirmary. For nine years, Jason and his family shared their best summers as they grew up at the Ol’ Mont.

In 2006, Jason returned with his wife, Danielle, and son, Colin, as the Boys Head Counselor. For three years he helped guide the young men of Boys Side to new heights, sharing his passion for youth development, athletics, and camp tradition.

During his four-year hiatus from Westmont, Jason welcomed a new addition to his family (son, Aidan) and published a children’s book, And Sometimes Y. He also received the Long Island Teacher of the Year Award from Mercy College for his work as an English teacher at Calhoun High School and as the Varsity soccer coach at Bellmore JFK High School.

Jason and his family returned for the summer of 2013 with unbridled enthusiasm for the new moments and memories they hope to create and share.

Joey Silberfein – Parent Liaison

meet_our_directors_4-2Joey Silberfein started sleep-away camp at 5 years old after begging her parents to let her go with her older brothers. Joey comes to Westmont with many years of camping experience both as a camper and counselor.

Joey joined the Camp Westmont family as the Parent Liaison (an always- available contact for our Camp Westmont families) and works as Ross’ right hand throughout the year. She loves being at camp with her three daughters. She and her husband Scott are looking forward to watching their daughters move through the Girls Side loop.

As our Parent Liaison, Joey is the first line of communication for any questions or concerns that may arise. She can be reached at