What is the camper/counselor ratio, and how old are your counselors?

Our camper to counselor ratio is 1 counselor to every 4-5 campers.

Every general counselor is college-aged, and many were former Westmont campers. Division Group Leaders (adult teachers) and a large group of adult specialists and coaches create a secure and safe environment for your child.

Where does Westmont get its counselor staff?

Many Camp Westmont counselors are former Westmont campers. We also recruit specialists from colleges and from international camping agencies to guarantee that Westmont has specialists who excel in their respective fields. Every staff member is personally interviewed by the Moskowitz family to ensure that s/he is a proper fit for Westmont.

Is the swimming pool heated?

Westmont’s Olympic-sized swimming pool is heated. It can also be illuminated for evening swims.

What is the food like?

Our meals are prepared with an eye towards delicious variety and healthy options. In addition, we offer a three-part salad bar at every meal with deli meats, fruit, name brand foods, and a pasta bar option. We do not serve sweet desserts because our campers have the opportunity to go to Canteen after dinner.

Each afternoon, the entire camp meets for a “snack” which consists of fruit or ice pops.

How often is laundry done?

Westmont has an on-site laundromat. Laundry is done once a week. Each camper’s bag is laundered individually, and the clothing is returned to the bunk folded.

Do I need lifeguard training before I come to camp?

If you would like to be a lifeguard at camp you will need American Red Cross Certification. All counselors need to know how to swim and we will provide you with a swim test during orientation.

What kind of special training will I need before camp?

We will provide the training that you need at orientation. Please be sure to let us know when applying of any special certifications you currently possess.

Will I have access to the Internet?

We have a new Staff Lounge at Camp Westmont where you will have access to the internet during your periods off.

Am I allowed to have a cell phone at camp?

Counselors may not use cell phones while on duty. You may keep your cell phone at camp and use it during your periods off. Please understand, however that cell phones typically do not work from our location. The camp is not responsible for loss or damage to cell phones.

What should I bring to camp?

We will provide you with a clothing & bedding packing list.

Do I need to have insurance?

All staff need to have their own medical insurance.

Where is Camp Westmont located?

Camp Westmont is located two and a half hours from New York City in the foothills of the Poconos Mountains (approximately 45 minutes from Scranton, PA).

What is the weather like?

Temperature ranges between 70 and 85 degrees during the day.

Is there a camp uniform?

Necessary Staff Shirts are provided at Orientation. All other clothing is listed on the packing list you will receive.

How many days off will I have?

All counselors get 5 days off per season and additional time off each day and during orientation.