Why Westmont

At Camp Westmont, the emphasis is on the individual achievement and personal growth of each camper. Our campers take home more than they expected: friendships that are built over the summer, fond memories to last a lifetime, and the feeling of independence. Camp Westmont is a truly special place where campers grow both emotionally and physically in a warm and nurturing environment.

Camp Westmont has been owned and operated by the Moskowitz family since its inception in 1981. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Pocono Mountains in Wayne County, PA, Camp Westmont is situated on 400 acres of gently rolling hills with a private 100-acre lake.

Westmont provides a fun-filled summer of varied activities for campers ages 6 through 16.  Westmont is a co-ed camp with two very distinct campuses – boys on Boys Side and girls on Girls Side.  All of our activities (including horseback riding, waterskiing, and outdoor camping) are on-site so Westmont’s campers do not need to travel off property to enjoy their daily activities.

We are very aware that picking a sleep-away camp is a long-term commitment. Westmont caters to all age groups; as our campers mature, they are afforded more freedom and diversified activities to keep them engaged, energized, and excited. This is what keeps our campers coming back year after year and what makes Camp Westmont, “Camping At Its Best.”

Camp Westmont is the sleep-away camp where you loved spending your summers as a child. Westmont retains the spirit and vibe of “old-school” camping with modern day facilities that our Westmont families deserve.

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