Rookie Day

Rookie Day Form (PDF)

We are pleased to continue our new camper tradition at Camp Westmont….”Rookie Day!”

In our continuing attempts to give pre and newly enrolled campers a head start on the road to confidence and independence and to foster a smoother adjustment to camp life, we are continuing “Rookie Day,” a program we started in 2003.  This program will be for prospective campers entering 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Rookie Day registration will be on a first come basis and preference will be given to siblings of present Westmont campers. There is no charge for this program.  Because it is important to give individual attention to these young campers, we must limit registration for Rookie Day.  Should this program be of interest to you, please continue reading.

Rookies will be on their own schedule which will include many camp activities.

It is because we feel so strongly about giving each child the best possible camping experience that we are making this extra effort.

We feel that Rookie Day will be a beneficial addition to our already existing camp program. Easing the way for your child into camp life and increasing his or her confidence as well as reducing any anxieties that you or your child may have is our goal.

Rookie Day is dedicated to making each child a more confident and experienced camper in the cabins and on the fields. By participating in Rookie Day, youngsters gain self esteem in knowing that they have been a part of a new and exciting camp experience.

Start your child on the rungs of the ladder to a successful camp experience by registering for Rookie Day!