Meet Our Leadership Team

Owners, Directors, and Key Staff

Ross & Susan Moskowitz – Owner/Director

Ross Moskowitz is proud to continue the legacy set forth by his parents. Ross started his Westmont career in 1981 in bunk Apache and never looked back.

After graduating from the University of Maryland where he played Division 1 Baseball for the Terps, Ross attended law school and became an attorney. With Westmont always on his mind and camping in his heart, he jumped at the opportunity to become the Camp’s Director.

Moving forward it is Ross’ vision to lead a new generation of Westmont campers and show them why Camp Westmont truly is “Camping at Its Best.” Ross is also the President of the Wayne County Camping Association.  Ross is joined at Westmont with his wife Susan (who is also an attorney) and his children Emilly and Andrew.

Scott Freemer – Associate Director

Scott started at sleep-away camp at age 7 and has been involved in sleep-away camps since.  He joined Camp Westmont in 2006 and has held various roles throughout camp from a Program Specialist, General Counselor to an Assistant Group Leader and most recently a Group Leader.  Wanting to give even more of himself to Westmont, in 2014 he stepped into the role of Operations Manager where he is involved in Staff hiring, Programming, Social Media and much much more. His dedication to camping goes beyond Westmont as he is an active member of EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping) and is now on the Associate Board for SCOPE and a camp visitor/inspector for the American Camping Association.

Scott believes the most rewarding part of Camp Westmont is being able to help shape the lives of our campers.

Scott and his wife Melissa, whom he met at Camp Westmont, live in Bergen County, NJ during the year and are eagerly counting down the days until their daughters Summer and Tessa get to be a campers.  

Bari Margolis – Assistant Director

From a very young age Bari knew camping was what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that camp was the best part of her year, so why shouldn’t she make it her whole year? That’s exactly what she did.

Bari’s camp journey began in 2005 at a Wayne County camp just down the road from Westmont. During her 13 years there, she grew as a camper, counselor, assistant group leader, pre-camp intern, post-camp key staff member, and of course color war general. These experiences have cultivated her passion for camping and made her the person she is today.

In 2018, Bari was given the opportunity to join the Westmont family full time and her childhood aspiration came true. She is an active member of the American Camping Association and EPIC (Emerging Professionals In Camping), and enjoys giving back as the Events Chair of the SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) Associate Board. Bari has a degree in Education and Sport Management from Syracuse University.

Bari currently lives in New York City, where she eagerly counts down the days until she gets to move back up to camp for the summer.

Joey Silberfein – Assistant Director / Parent Liaison

meet_our_directors_4-2Joey Silberfein started sleep-away camp at 5 years old after begging her parents to let her go with her older brothers. Joey comes to Westmont with many years of camping experience both as a camper and counselor.

Joey joined the Camp Westmont family as the Parent Liaison (an always- available contact for our Camp Westmont families) and works as Ross’ right hand throughout the year. She loves being at camp with her three daughters. She and her husband Scott are looking forward to watching their daughters move through the Girls Side loop.

As our Parent Liaison, Joey is the first line of communication for any questions or concerns that may arise. She can be reached at

Hallie Saltz – Girls Head Counselor

Hallie Saltz began her sleep-away camp experience at Camp Westmont at the age of 8 and has never looked back. Camping is in Hallie’s blood. Her parents met at a sleep away camp, and her father worked in the camping industry for 35 years.

Hallie has made her way from Bunk Barnard to Varsity, became a counselor, a group leader, and most recently Girls Assistant Head Counselor for the past 5 summers. Hallie’s best friends were all made at Camp Westmont. She is dedicated to helping campers develop independence, confidence, and create life long friendships!

Hallie has a degree in Psychology from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from NYU. Hallie has been a teacher in New York City for the past 13 years. Hallie lives in New York City.

Andy Borowsky – Boys Head Counselor

Andy started his camp experience at 8 years old and never left.  He has held countless leadership positions, including Group Leader and Head of Boys Camp at sleep away camps.  During the “off” season, Andy is an elementary and middle school teacher in NJ.   He has also been coaching youth sports for over 20 years.  We are so glad that Andy, his wife Samantha and 2 daughters (Blake and Beau) are a part of the Westmont Family.