Where do your campers come from?

Westmont campers come from states throughout the US. Our highest concentration of campers is from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Is Westmont a uniform camp?

Camp Westmont is not a uniform camp. We do require all campers to own two white and two blue Camp Westmont shirts for use when going off camp property and for Wayne County Tournaments or “friendly” games.

How do campers get to camp?

Camp Westmont has bus locations in Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The cost of busing to camp is included in the tuition.

How does my camper’s trunks get to camp?

Camp Westmont partners with Camp Trucking, an independent company that picks up and delivers your camper’s trunks to camp. The trucking company picks up baggage about a week before opening day and drops off at the end of the summer.

You may also choose not to ship your child’s luggage through Camp Trucking and deliver it to camp yourself before the start of camp.

What is Westmont’s Electronics Policy?

At Camp Westmont, we strive to give our campers an “unplugged” environment where they can take a break from the ever-connected world of the internet and video games.  Westmont does not allow devices with Internet/Wi-Fi, Video or Gaming capabilities.

What is the camper/counselor ratio, and how old are your counselors?

Our camper to counselor ratio is 1 counselor to every 4-5 campers.

Every general counselor is college-aged, and many were former Westmont campers. Division Group Leaders (adult teachers) and a large group of adult specialists and coaches create a secure and safe environment for your child.

Where does Westmont get its counselor staff?

One thing that makes Camp Westmont so special is that most of our counselors are former Westmont campers. We also recruit specialists from colleges and from international camping agencies to guarantee that Westmont has specialists who excel in their respective fields. Every staff member is personally interviewed by the Moskowitz family to ensure that s/he is a proper fit for Westmont.

Do campers ever go off campgrounds for trips?

Throughout the summer there are opportunities for Westmont campers to take trips. A division may go to the movies or bowling, to a ball game, or out for a pizza party. Some groups take canoe trips down the Delaware River.

In addition, during Trip Week each division has their “Big Trip.” Younger divisions go on day trips to places like Dorney Park and Camelback Beach & Park. Older campers have overnight trips ranging from one night at Great Wolf Lodge or Hershey Park to a 4-night stay in Toronto or Boston. All of our 3 & 4 night trips include places of interest such as as well as recreational activities.

Is the swimming pool heated?

Westmont’s Olympic-sized swimming pool is heated. It can also be illuminated for evening swims.

What is Westmont’s philosophy regarding sports?

Westmont’s athletic and water sports activities are organized to challenge each camper and to ensure success by campers at all skill levels. Our programs are a mix of instruction, drills, practice, and playing. But, the real key is the staff and coaches we have working with our campers. The majority of our staff is collegiate or professional level sports professionals.

Every camper who is interested has the opportunity to participate in Wayne County tournaments, compete in our “friendly” matches with local camps, or participate in our Camp Westmont Leagues.

What is the food like at Westmont?

Our meals are prepared with an eye towards delicious variety and healthy options. In addition, we offer a three-part salad bar at every meal with deli meats, fruit, name brand foods, and a pasta bar option. We do not serve sweet desserts because our campers have the opportunity to go to Canteen after dinner.

Each afternoon, the entire camp meets for a “snack” which consists of fruit or ice pops.

What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?

The safety and health of our campers and staff is our number one priority. Our air-conditioned infirmary houses a doctor and four nurses who are available at all times. We have two scheduled daily infirmary calls for routine matters and have “med call” for children taking routine medication.

Are there additional charges on top of the tuition?

We have a Camper Fund of $385 that includes nightly visits to the Canteen, day trip admission and spending money, and other miscellaneous needs. We keep a full accounting of monies spent, and we credit your account or refund any unused money at the end of the summer.

Campers going into 6th grade and above take over-night trips that incur extra fees.

Once my campers arrive at camp, when will I hear from them?

There are three scheduled phone calls home per summer. You will hear from your child at his/her first scheduled call. A schedule is sent home in early June with the dates/times of those calls. In addition, our Group Leaders will reach out to all new campers’ parents within the first week to touch base and let you know how your child is doing.

You are also welcome to reach out to us at anytime to see how your child is doing. Except in cases of emergency, please understand that it may take our Head Counselors/Group Leaders 24 hours to return your call because they are with their campers.

What is your package policy?

Westmont has a no package policy. If a camper is missing a necessity, please call the office and we will make arrangements for them to receive the necessary item.

What do you do at Camp Westmont to prevent lice?

All of our staff and campers are checked for lice immediately upon arrival by a professional lice company, which treats every found case.

How often is laundry done?

Westmont has an on-site laundromat. Laundry is done once a week. Each camper’s bag is laundered individually, and the clothing is returned to the bunk folded.